Minnesota DNR Fees to Increase


Koren Zaiser

Under the legislation Governor Dayton signed as part of the 2018 budget, anglers and deer hunters will pay more for their licenses beginning in 2018. Effective July 1 of this year includes increases for motorized recreation fees and state park permits.

The DNR had been lobbying for fee increases as the Game and Fish Fund saw a consistently decreasing balance. The DNR spends dollars from hunting and fishing license sales to manage, maintain and improve abundant and healthy fish and wildlife populations and the habitats that support them. But those costs have risen since the last license fee increase in 2013. Without a modest increase for some fees in 2017, the DNR maintained that the primary fund that finances game and fish activities and management was projected to dip below zero by July 1, 2019.
DNR officials said that without the fee increases, they would have had to cut staff, surveys and other programs that benefit hunting and fishing in the state. The fee increases set to take effect next year should alleviate all or most of the cuts that would have occurred without the additional funding.

A few of the license increases that will go into effect March 1, 2018, include:
*Resident angling, from $22 to $25
*Resident combination angling, from $35 to $40
*Resident deer (ML, Archery, Firearm), from $30 to $34
*Resident bonus deer, from $15 to $17

The outdoor recreation fee increases go into effect on July 1 of this year and include:
*State park annual vehicle permit, from $25 to $35
*State park daily vehicle permit, from $5 to $7
*Snowmobile registration (3 year), from $75 to $105
*ATV registration (3 year), from $45 to $60

A complete list of the fee increases is available here.

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